OCTOBER: Coach Burnham's Tip of the Month

One of the sayings that you hear constantly in doubles is, “use the middle” or “hit down the middle”. Of course, there is a time for this and there is a time to not to “hit down the middle.”

When a team is one up, one back you really want to hit to one side or the other.  If you are not offensive on your shot (low volley, deep or low ground stroke) you should hit it to the deep opponent’s side.  If you are offensive (high volley or a short offensive groundstroke) you can and should hit at the net person’s side.  And by hit at their side, I mean HIT AT THEM!!!

There are obviously some different scenarios that change when to hit where, but these are some simple rules that should make your doubles game easier and better.

Until next month hit the middle Cats, when your supposed to!