AUGUST: Coach Burnham's Tip of the Month

The tip for August is probably one of my favorite topics. Losing!

I know that sounds really strange and even stupid, but losing is one of the best ways to learn if you allow yourself to do so.  

When losing a close match keep it realistic!  You were not far away from a tough win.  With a point here and a point there you could have won a hard fought battle.  So don’t despair!  Look to see what could have been better and at what stage in the match you could have played better.  Then ask this simple question that most of the time has a tough answer, WHY?  

Why did I struggle with my forehand?  Why did I double fault too much?  Why at the beginning of the second set did I lack energy?  These are all common questions.

Now comes the point of the whole tip this month.  What do I need to do to correct these questions?  Come up with a plan to improve those things and then go do it!  Very Simple.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate to lose.  But you might as well get something out of the loss.  

Until next time, learn from losing Cats!