Policies & reservations (call 406-994-2237)


  2. Members may reserve courts 3 days in advance. Non-members may reserve courts 2 days in advance.

    1. Phone reservations start at 8:00 AM ...NOT BEFORE.

    2. Members may only reserve 1 court per phone call.

    3. Reservations will be limited to 1.5 hours EXCEPT during summer hours.

    4. Reservations left on voice mail will not be accepted.

  3. Proper tennis shoes are required. NO BLACK SOLED SHOES ARE ALLOWED!

  4. Check summer hours. We will be closed if no reservations are made 24 hours in advance.

  5. Spouse memberships must be a true couple (living together, engaged, married, etc.).

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous to your fellow tennis players. 24-hour notice is required to cancel a court. No-shows will be charged $40/hour. Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will be charged $20/hr. Moving to an outside court is considered a cancellation.

Court Access:

Hourly rate: $24/court (Non-member)


Click HERE for court reservation status (this is to view availability only, you cannot book courts through this online resource).

 New Policies

-        2 reservations or playing times (1.5 hours reservations) per membership per day during the Bobcat Tennis Team seasons (individual, couple, family)

-        3 reservations or playing times per membership per day out of Bobcat Tennis Team seasons

-        A person/couple/family may only play 2 times in a day during the Bobcat season (3 hours max)

-        A person/couple/family may only play 3 times in a day out of the Bobcat season

-        Everyone must check in on the court.  This is not new, but the front desk will stop play and have you check in/pay for the court.

Existing Policies

-        PAY and CHECK IN before you play!!!  Again, if this doesn’t happen your play will be stopped, and you will have to check in and pay (even if you are late) 

-        Members may reserve courts 3 days in advance

-        Non-members may reserve courts 2 days in advance

-        All reservations are to be made by phone at 8am (reservations can be made in person at the desk at 8:30 am)

-        Non-marking tennis shoes are required

-        BATC will close for the day if there are no reservations for the rest of the day

-        Couples memberships are limited too: married, engaged, living together, family members.

Tennis Lesson Policies

-        There will be one court for teaching form the hours of 9am -noon, Monday thru Friday

-        There will be two courts for teaching from 5:30pm – 8:30 pm, Monday thru Friday

-        There will be one court for teaching 9am – noon on weekends

-        There will be two courts for teaching noon until close on weekends

-        Teaching Pros can reserve a court one day in advance if it is not filled by the public

-        Teaching Pros are not allowed to teach a lesson when a client reserves a court

-        Lessons from someone that is not approved by the BATC will not be tolerated.  Lesson is defined as any money or anything of value exchanged, any feeding balls or any instruction given.  This is only permissible from a non-approved BATC instructor if you are a parent or sibling of the person. 


If you violate any of these policies, you will be given a strike.  After your third strike you will be asked not to play at the Tennis Center for a time period determined by the BATC. 


As the University continues its assessment of short term and long term usable recreational space, the availability of indoor and outdoor court time may change. We will communicate the latest updates as soon as it becomes available.  We realize that this will be difficult for some of our tennis patrons and again we appreciate your patience and understanding as we deal with this situation.